Friends taking a look at the blog!


The thirty four year wait is over.

Taking from my last blog, after I heard Tammie’s message, I got the kids settled and called my friend.  She was so excited that at one point I told her to calm down.  I truly did not believe her which was sad. I was choosing believe that my friend was making up how happy my Dad was to have me try to contact him. My friend quickly reminded me that she does not lie. She told me of the wonderful conversation she had with my step-mother. Weird I thought, I have a step-mother. Tammie tried so hard to convince me to call him that day.  Not happening. It’s been thirty four years since the last time I’ve spoken to this man who is my father? What the heck do you say. Do you yell? Do you just forgive? I told her that I needed sometime to understand this.  She (again) graciously called back my Dad to tell him, that she told me and that I would call him in a few days. 

             Now knowing the story that my Dad was going out of skin for me to call already, I feel really bad I made him wait four days. The day came and my wonderful husband Bill “barricaded” the kids down stairs so I would not be disturb while I go  call my Dad.  I must have hit the buttons up to the last number eight times and hung up.  Finally, after much praying, I let the phone ring.  It only rang two times and my step-mother answered the phone.  My heart was beating so loud, it rang in my ears. She said “hello?” And I was off to the races. I began by saying as professionally as possible that I was glad she took my call and that I don’t want anything financial, emotional or any other personal thing from this man who was my father. Isn’t it a shame? I started the conversation off with a disclaimer. Like this was a business deal. Tells you where my head was at. She was so thrilled and eager to tell me that it was all good that my Dad really does love me and that this is exactly what he had wanted for many years. We talked for what seemed like hours but I’m sure it was only minutes when I heard this voice in the background saying, “let me talk to my daughter!” Oh crap. I’m really going to have to talk with this man. My step-mother says “here let me put your father on the phone.” 

               I nearly dropped the phone when I heard the very first words out of his mouth in almost thirty years was “Dina, I have always loved you and never have stop thinking of you and I want you to know that up front.” Ok - the rest is a blur. I didn’t know what to say so I told him why I was contacting him and he must have cut me off ten times in the conversation saying he didn’t care why but that I did it. Knowing my Dad now, he still cuts me off when I talk to him. He loves to talk. Gee, wonder where I get it from. During this three and half hour conversation, my husband kept coming in the room with the universal sign “thumbs up or thumbs down.” I gave him the big thumbs up and mouthed the words - “he still loves me!”  We talked about a lot of different subjects but the one thing that impressed me the most was, he was not going to talk bad about my mother. He was respectful of her and her decisions back then. He did not want to bring me down or the conversation in any way. Again, now knowing my Dad over these eleven years, he does look at the bright side of things….hhmmm…sound familiar?  We ended the conversation that I would try to come down to visit him. I told him in no way do I want a “Sally Jessy Raphael” reunion show. “We’ll meet  at your house - no fan fare.” Of course, he agreed.  Next blog, the door opens and……. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.


  1. All I can say is wow!!!

  2. I second that emotion, Fiona. Dina, it was as though I was sitting in the room with you as you made the call. May I ask...did you forgive him when he told you off the bat that he always loved you? Or did that take some time?

  3. Thank you Fiona and Kathy - you see in the next blog where I'm at with the reunion. It's not the reunion I think my Dad was expecting. Thank you guys for commenting - it really does now and always means the world to me.

  4. I'm so thankful to have been part of something so beautiful. Your dad was so excited to have contact with you. Those were long days for me too. What if you hadn't gone through with it, and I had gotten his hopes up? But, God has a way of working things out perfectly. Praising God with you today! (Just so you know, you made me cry reliving that time. Tears of joy.)

  5. Oh I love you my friend and am truly blessed to have you (still) in my life. Thank you so much for commenting and please continue to read my blog!