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Hmmm.....Real Estate? Ok.

The next few blogs will be dedicated to my introduction to real estate. I was blessed to have met my best friend Jo through house hunting. I found her in our local church bulletin. Frankly, she had a nice smile and my mother would like this, she was Italian. I called her and we spoke for three hours. I knew not only did I find my realtor but a new friend. She really did take the time to get to know me and my family and what type of house (and budget) we should have. I was still teaching water aerobics at the time she asked me if I wanted to become her assistant. Looking back, I think she just wanted me to spend more time with her as we became “chatty patty’s” and enjoyed each others company. We found a home that was perfect for us. I started to look into what it would be like to become a Realtor (pronounced REEL-TOR, not REE-LIT-TOR!) I went to school to get my license and told my new best friend, that being an assistant wasn’t going to cut it for me. She insisted that I at least join her office (ok, there really wasn’t any choice in the matter!) I did and that was the start of my new career. I was very sadden to leave water aerobics. I used to say “I don’t know what I would look like if I didn’t get paid to exercise!” Um…I found out 25 pounds later!!! Ok, ok, ok, still working it off today (eight years later!) Asking myself if I should leave a guaranteed paycheck a week (albeit a small one) for commission only work, God answered that  for me. My very first commission check was one whole years salary plus twenty five bucks. No lie. My advise to people is NOT to ask God to give you signs that you should do or leave something, because He will. And trust me, there were times I wish I hadn’t asked. Work had become so bad that the thought of putting one toe in the water made me sick. I knew it was time to go. Next blog, my first deal and what a deal it was. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.

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