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I was trying to figure out where I wanted to start this blog and it kept bringing me back to one of thee most stressful times in my life which was moving from New York to Missouri.  I was blessed to have just come back this past weekend from New York and saw family I had not seen in a while and the subject of our first move came up. It has been nineteen years since our move and it’s still amazes  me that I am still justifying the move.  For the record, it was purely a financial move so I can be a stay at mom to my son Patrick so that I didn’t have to rely on someone else taking care of him.  My husband and I would have to work two jobs to afford to stay in New York and to try to purchase a home for the three of us.  My mother at the time of my sons birth had just received news that she had been waiting for years, that she got the job at the local library. She was willing to give that up to take care of Patrick and there was no way I was going to take her dream job away nor MY dream job of motherhood.  Bill (husband) and I had visited Missouri quite a few times and loved the area.  Only knowing a few families out there did not bother us as we knew we could adapt anywhere. The houses we were looking at in New York were “handyman specials” with missing walls, plumbing issues, roof issues etc, for around one hundred seventy five thousand at the time we were considering moving.  The homes we found in Missouri were beautiful four bedrooms, three bath on a acre of land for around eighty thousand.  No joke. Eighty thousand.  It wasn’t an easy decision to move away from all your family but it was the right decision for us.  It made us stronger as a family but those first years apart were brutal for us.  It wasn’t easy. We missed the family gatherings but knew we had to make our own family gatherings now.  We were blessed to have had our two other children born there (Matthew and Maria) and experience Midwestern living.  Next blog, Midwestern living. Very funny, very interesting and sometimes sad. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.

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