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Buyers 101.…..What really is behind that door.

          As my real estate career was progressing, I was feeling more confident with acquiring  more sellers and more buyers. I had met a buyer who was interested in seeing two bedroom, two bath condos in town. I had set up appointments and felt I had interesting and great investment  condos to show him. We love those that say they are vacant as you don’t have a seller waiting for you or even worse, the seller stays in the home and starts to do your job by giving your buyer the “grand tour!”

*Mike (name changed to protect the innocent!) and I got to our first condo which was on the second floor facing the pool area.  Nice location and even better, it was “vacant.” Or so I thought. I got the door open and we went into this condo that was dirty to say the least with food on the counter and clothes on the floor. It was a split floor plan (one bedroom to the left and one to the right) and Mike said he was going to check out the one on the left. I said ok and that I would go to the one on the right. I thought I heard something strange like a wounded animal when I opened the door to see two people having sex and apparently didn’t hear me opening the door. Feeling like I was going up chuck breakfast - I came running out of the room and grabbed Mike and said - “um…this is not for you - let’s get out of here!” He agreed saying it just didn’t feel right inside. I didn’t tell him what I saw because it was supposed to be vacant!  

We went to the next condo which was still in the same town and I knew this had to be better. We drove up to the condo and this one was on the third floor  over looking the park. Should be nice - right? Well, we knocked on the door and I was just about to use my realtor key to get in when the door opens. One word to describe what we saw - “Hoarders”.  If the mess wasn’t bad enough, the smell could kill you. I’m thinking, good let’s get out of here when Mike said “this has ’good bones’ - right?” Good bones or not - this was filthy. This owner had to push clothes aside so we could walk through it. There was kitty litter boxes with poo inside in every room. At this point, I was begging Mike to leave. I had never seen anything to that extreme and when I asked her, did she have a time frame to leave, she calmly said “I could be out in a month.” A month? Are you kidding? You’d need a year to get through this stuff. Thankfully we left that one and I thought, Mike is never going to buy anything through me as I was batting a hundred in the weird condo search.   The next three condos were uneventful (praise God!) and he said he would think about what he saw and get back to me.  I never forgot those condos and when it said “vacant”, I would then knock hard, scream “hello” then go inside - regardless if there wasn’t a piece of furniture or anything inside. Ya neva know. The next blog, open houses and the people you meet! Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time!

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