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Sellers 101!

Just starting out in my office, I was informed that I had to do “floor duty.” Back then, it consisted of sitting at the front desk and answering phones.  Ugh. I had to answer phones, greet people and if a call came in asking if there was a realtor they could talk to,  I got it.   Then the phone rings, and what happens next changed the way I looked at floor duty forever.

*Disclaimer time again. Names changed to protect my clients. I answer the phone to hear this old, raspy, cranky and down right rude voice on the other end asking me to come to her condo down the road - NOW to list it for sale.  Great, I thought, here’s a winner.  Not being a real estate “snob” (one who does not care if it is a fifty thousand dollar condo or five million dollar condo) I told her I could come in the afternoon (after my shift was over.)  *Ethel didn’t like the answer but said if that is the way it has to be…..ok. I looked up the property and did a market analysis to find out it was only worth forty thousand or so.  I got all my papers together and went over to the condo.  When I arrived, I was greeted by not one, not two but three people eager to ask me every question imaginable.  It ended up being Ethel’s niece and nephew (around my age) “interviewing” me.  I really thought I did quite well, when Ethel’s nephew said “we’ll be in touch.” I was there three hours, went over every detail to the tee and what?  You’ll call me?  Ugh. This real estate gig is harder than I thought.  As I was walking to the car, Ethel came out (all four feet nothing!) looking up at me said “Honey, I like you and don’t worry, you’ll list my brother’s property.” Didn’t know whether to be happy or worried.  Guess I was both. 

I did end up listing the property and it did sell quite quickly. Thank God.  I guess I was a bit too good as it was shortly after going under contract that Ethel said she had her sister-in-law’s condo that had to be sold too.  Super.  Same type of condo but was more in value. This one was a bit harder as she needed help getting everything out after we sold it and she needed to sell her sister-in-law's car as well. Now I was a mover and a used car salesman too! In a span of a few years, Ethel had given me five deals that when added up, I really did quite well. More than that, she became a grandma to me and a mentor. She told me that we were connected and she would never forget what I did for her and her sister-in-law.  And it wasn’t selling her condo.  Next blog - the great escape.  Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time!

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