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Finale, Facebook and Farewell. Part 3 of Trip to NYC.

            It is with great sadness that I write of the passing of my Father-in-law this past week.  What a journey it has been. Since returning home from our trip in January of this year, the roller coaster ride of his health proved to be a long and painful ride.  Going back to when we returned home from our trip, it was days before Billy and I really talked about the time we were in New York.  How blessed were we to have that alone time with his Dad and Mom. During the visits to the hospital, I had seen my mother-in-law’s love for her husband and felt blessed to have witnessed it. A couple of days had gone by when we were home that we received news that my father-in-law had taken a turn for the worst and again, it was a matter of time that he would not survive. We waited by the phone for that inevitable call that he was gone but… never came. We called and was greeted by my mother-in-law that another doctor came in and told them that my father-in-law could make a recovery. Wow. A week or so went by and we got the good news that he was being moved to another rehabilitation center farther north to recuperate . 

    It was at that time that the phone calls we were getting, he was doing ok and even standing with a walker. He was at that point a walking miracle.  But with all operations come setbacks. This was no exception. Once more, came the phone calls that he wasn’t do well and it seemed that his time on earth was drawing near to the end.  I know that I have said it before on my blog but my hope in writing this is to let people know, it is very hard on loved ones that are not near (states away) family  and can not make the trip up when they get that call that things are not good and it is a matter of time. You walk around the house frustrated that you can not do anything. I have always found solace in the fact that I could always pray. 

    Weeks turned into months that it seemed that maybe, just maybe my father-in-law truly was out of the woods and on his way of making a full recovery. During those weeks (months) it has been such a wonderful gift of receiving messages from both my new Twitter friends and my Facebook friends always asking me how my father-in-law was doing. I wish I could somehow draw, photograph, put into words the feeling you get knowing someone is praying for you, your husband and his family that they don’t even know. It was an overwhelming feeling of peace.  That is what we felt these past months. 

     Last Monday night, Billy was on the phone with his mom and had gotten the news that it really does not look good. You want to believe that we have heard this before and maybe he would pull through again. That was not to be the case. The next morning Billy had gotten the call that his dad had passed away peacefully. 

     Let me say for the record, I love Facebook and Twitter  and the ability to get messages that mean the world to me (and my family.) I had posted that after a long and painful journey that my father-in-law had passed away and within minutes, outpouring of sympathy and prayer messages were left on my wall. For us - it was a cyber hug that just felt good. 

Farewell Dad and finally rest in peace. Tell my Mom I said hello.  Ton o’ blessings until next time.