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OK - Sorry to tell you, but stop taking “film” of your kid playing lacrosse, he’s still not going to Duke.

        Another year is about to past in my children’s school career. Career you ask? Well, yes. I’ve been told that I better have my son’s resume done properly and isn’t it a shame that he didn’t take more (or any) AP (advance placement) classes.  I truly wish someone would (now maybe me!)  have wrote a book explaining that not all children are the same. The expectation put on children today is astronomical. Being here in South Florida, the sport of lacrosse is now just getting popular. Like it or not, Saint Andrews school in Boca Raton put South Florida lacrosse on the map. They started producing young talent which Division 1 schools started to take notice.  I am thrilled that my boys play the sport and wish I had started them earlier. How many of you have started your children young in hopes of them one day  playing for a Division 1 school. 

        When my oldest was a senior there was a mom (who will remain nameless) came to the games and quietly sat by herself most of the time. I would often try to strike up a conversation but it never really got anywhere. As time went on, this mom was determined that her son was going to be “recognized” for his lacrosse talent. Unfortunately, this player did not have the grades. His playing skills were good but he was not a team player. 

         At one of the games, I went over to say hi and noticed she had a small digital camera taking video of her son. I looked closely to find the camera glass was shattered. I inquired as to what she was looking at as I could not make out a thing on the screen. She just said that she was pointing it towards her son the whole game and that she was sure it would “probably” work.  Um…….I don’t think so, I said to myself.  I asked her what she was going to do with the video in hopes of maybe getting some idea for my sons but, she had no idea. Really, she just thought she would have it “in case” a coach wanted to see it. I smiled (what else was I going to do) and wished her well and said  “hey, let me know how it turns out!”

     Sorry to say that player did not make it to a Division 1 school on a lacrosse scholarship. Lacrosse scholarships are near impossible to get but you can sign up on the  NCAA website,  and they can explain that your player might be eligible for a “sports” scholarship.

     Please let me add my opinion, and that is what a blog is, an opinion, your player (son or daughter) should like the school first before liking it for the sport they play as I have seen personally, excellent athletes who get scholarships to play, either not produce the good grades or have gotten injured and guess where they end up? That’s right, home. There is nothing wrong with encouragement, but please stop pressuring the kids of today with your hopes and dreams that really are not theirs.  Another lacrosse season for us has come to the end and again, my eyes will be filled with tears at the sports banquet saying goodbye to my lacrosse sons. Excited to see what the future brings and always a word of advise that no matter what happens, I’m proud of them and hope we always keep in touch. God bless Facebook and Twitter. Ton o’ blessings until next time.

My Son Matthew (Matty) and I at the last game(before my short hair cut!)  He is looking forward to playing his senior year and hopes to play in college - you know - "in case" any coaches are reading this ;)