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Long time coming! 1st Blog!

I’ve been told that the very first blog is thee most important blog - so here it goes! How sad that you have to start off by CYA (covering your arse!)  This blog will be strictly my opinions based on my facts! Not here to lie, cheat or steal. Whew. My name is Dina, born in New York, married with 3 great kids, lived in Missouri for nine years until I reunited with my dad after a thirty four year absence.  That story will come later in the coming blogs.  I’ve always wanted to write a blog about the ups and downs of motherhood. Not a parenting guide as my kids would kill me for attempting that feat. This is a, wish someone would have told me sooner blog. The day to day blessings, trials, triumphs and miracles that happen. I have a great love for my family and sports. My passion lies in lacrosse (thank you Chazz Woodson, Mikey Powel, Kevin Finneran,) and football - any kind of football. Love watching my children play their sports. I really am not “one of those parents” but do like to cheer. Anything wrong with that?  Didn’t know a thing about football until I met my husband (who was my boyfriend of 7 years first) who said if I didn’t like football, he wouldn’t go out with me.  Nice guy.  So I said, you want me to like football?, teach me football.  He will say he created a monster.  If there is a game on, I want to watch it. Forget the great outdoors, pass me a beer and let me yell at the TV. I want to challenge myself and others to look at situations and tell me where they would have done something different to make a different outcome. I am truly a positive person who chooses to believe in God and His miracles.  I was not always this way but am thankful to see the glass “half full!” My upcoming blogs will take a look at the early days to today’s miracles and not so miracles. I hope you come along this journey with me. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.

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