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Look out - new water aerobic instructor in town!

While we were in Missouri, I joined a YMCA to lose some weight.  I had always loved the water and was asked if I wanted to try a water aerobic class. I had just had my second baby (Matthew) and wanted to lose the extra ten pounds.  I really was blessed not to have gained so much this time around! The first pregnancy,  I gained a whooping sixty four pounds. All Burger King chocolate shakes and onion rings - together.   I  liked the class so much that within three months, they asked me to teach it! I had become a certified water aerobic instructor.  I made the class my own from water walking, strength conditioning and aqua jog.  I really worked my class. I hated the misconception that you could NOT lose weight by doing water aerobics. Not only did I lose the weight, but I toned up immensely!   I had noticed that I had gained four pounds and thought if I have to work this off, so will my class!  Of course, I actually did not know I was pregnant again! I had worked  two weeks until my due date and felt great. I had a very easy birth, praise God.  

We had moved to Florida and I immediately looked for a YMCA so I could apply to be an instructor there. I found one right away and went to apply and by the end of the conversation, I was hired. My old boss had “warned” me of the classes they had and the patrons. How did he put it - they are old and set in their ways.  Oh no, I was not going to put up with cranky old people.  I had my itinerary of how I wanted the class to go and the first day I marched out on the deck and saw  groups of old people in little circles chatting away. No one noticed me. That didn’t bother me, as I stood in the middle of deck and yelled “ok class, I’m Dina and I am your new instructor!” It was a water walking class and I wanted to get them to um…..walk. Do something other than chat. Some looked over but most didn’t.  So I yelled again. And again. And yet again. That was enough, I took a whistle from the life guard and blew it so hard that everyone looked at me. OK, now I’ve got their attention. I put them in rows and started the warm up. I think at this point they were more frighten of me than anything. I had them walking back and forth in different steps and  they were actually listening. Told them some stories that made them laugh and then it was time for strength training. I had them work on the sides of the pool, doing leg lifts under water and had them kicking the water as well. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it and by the end of the class - some even thanked me, until the next day.  One by one, they came in with these mean, angry faces. I actually was scared. One woman greeted me by saying “hey Sarge” what kind of torture is on store for today? It was funny to see that they were sore. That this was really the first real work out they have had in a while! They did come around my way and really enjoyed the class from that point on. I had taught for a couple of years until my best friend/realtor asked if I wanted to be her assistant. The only catch, I had to go to real estate school! Next blog, forget assistant, I’m going to be realtor. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.


  1. Really enjoying your blogs! It has become an addiction, LOL!


  2. That is the coolest compliment to this day. Thank you so much for reading! Hugs, MommaD