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More Buyer Stories…Oh no she didn’t…..

         Please know that I have to have the disclaimer that the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Especially in this story!

            My associate/friend *Mary was starting out in the real estate business right about the same time I was. I would share my buyer stories and she would share hers. I really think to this day this has to be thee top ten memorable one!
         She was doing floor duty when a call came in from a very high spirited woman asking if a realtor could take out her and her family to go see “really nice houses!” As any good realtor would do, Mary asked her if she was pre-qualified for a loan and “*Momma Pat” said that she was coming into a “boat load of money” soon and she wanted to be ready to buy that million dollar house! Well, of course, that got Mary’s attention and they set up a time to go out the next day. 
                    Mary set up to see five houses in the price range of five hundred thousand to one million. They met at the office and to Mary’s dismay, there was seven of them that marched out of the van. *Momma Pat lead the way as she was the grandmother, then her daughter, son-in-law, niece and her children went inside the office. Momma Pat explained she won a lawsuit and that it was getting close to payoff time. Mary had Momma Pat in her van and the rest followed.  The very first home was a beautifully decorated five bedroom/five bath home with all the upgrades that anyone would love to have. Momma Pat said “naaa” next? Same thing happened with the next three elegant homes. Finally at the last home, which was one million dollars, Momma Pat was thrilled. Loved the whole house and they stayed in there for over an hour when Momma Pat said she had to use the “little girls room.” Mary knew she was in trouble as the son-in-law begged her to just wait until they got back to the office. She said she couldn’t and she would be right out. Twenty minutes later, Mary got anxious and asked the daughter to see if her mom was ok. What next, something out of a bad “B” rated movie. The daughter knocks and Momma Pat said “watch out, I’m opening the door!” Door opens, toilet over flowing (I’ll let your mind ponder that,) the smell was something left out on the counter for a day too long and water everywhere. Big poo and toilet paper all over the marble floor and out to the wood floors in the hallway! Momma Pat said “oops, sorry - must have ate something bad.” All Mary could think of was, how am I going to leave this? She said that she would “take care of it” and that they could go out and see more tomorrow. With that, Momma Pat and gang filed out of the house leaving Mary to “clean up” the evidence. Thankfully, the owners were out of town so Mary took towels, and a mop and cleaned it all up. Unfortunately, the big payoff never came and the twenty one times she took them out, never paid off. What we don’t do for our buyers! Next time - buyers that eat, eat and eat some more? Ton o’ blessing to ya until next time!

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