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Buyers……The Eleventh hour - are we or aren’t we!

    To be a Realtor, you have to have nerves of steal and be able to let things roll off your back. I learned that with many many many contracts. Early in my career, I had a client *Paige (yes, name changed to protect her) who called off an advertisement that I had in the paper to see if I could help her sell her home. She had a lovely townhouse that I knew would sell right away. We went under contract with-in a week, to close within a month, so she needed to buy right away.  Great for me, I thought. We did find a wonderful home and went under contract. Three weeks into the deals, Paige said that she had a dream that she was not suppose to sell her home right now. A dream? Really? What was I supposed to do now? There was the buyer of her home waiting to close in a week, the seller of the new home she was going to buy in a week, her movers she hired to move her home in a week…..are you getting the big picture here? She said calmly, “I need to get out of the contracts, please.” I remember going into my brokers office in tears saying “what am I supposed to do now?” My broker turned and said “stop crying, can’t take you crying and don’t worry - real estate is not life or death.” With that, I went through the proper paperwork and successfully got out of all the deals at the eleventh hour. Only by the grace of God did it happen and , I will never forget what he said. Paige unfortunately never bought or sold to this day.  
    I had clients that were referred to me by a good friend. I got along famously with them as they were my fellow New Yorkers. *James and *Cindy came down and I found them a rental to move into right away. They promised me that they would ask me to help them find a home when they were ready. Not going back on their word, it was time we went house hunting. It was a big blessing that they had relatives that were going to help them in purchasing their new home. The relatives came down to go house hunting with us but sadly, we all did not agree what home would be right for them. The relatives returned home and we continued the search. We went into this house, and we all looked at each other and said - this is it. After some negotiating, we had a contract! It was a bit different and a bit more complicated when other people are buying for someone else. That didn’t stop it from going through to the closing. 
           Closing day was upon us, and the relatives came back down to sign the paperwork. We did our walk through which was the first time that they had seen the property! Thankfully, that went well and we were off to title company to close. Movers were at James and Cindy’s rental apartment as well as the seller’s movers were waiting too! We are sitting at the closing table when the title closer said, "we have a problem." We all looked at each other (mortgage agent, James, Cindy, the relatives, title closer and myself) and you could hear a pin drop. Then the mortgage agent got up and went into the other room for what seemed liked forever and I was there to ask if anyone wanted coffee, water a bourbon, beer - what ever? I became a waitress to say the least!  I got up to go into the other room, to see the mortgage agent furious that this is happening at the closing. I held my breath and more paperwork had to be signed and faxed but thankfully - we closed. You could hear us all the way down the street screaming with delight. James and Cindy were gracious enough to buy me a wonderful bottle of Vodka (that was opened that night!) which no other buyer had ever done before! Not that I didn’t have faith that it wouldn’t close but…….it did and that is all that matters. Until next time, ton o’ blessings to ya.

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