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Can God talk to you through a baby monitor? Well, He did for us.

    When our oldest was born (nineteen years ago!) we were still living with my mother in a condominium complex. We were at the end of the building in a two story town home. We were so excited after Patrick was born to use all of our new and exciting gifts that we received at my baby shower.  One was a new and improved baby monitor. You got to love those things.  I remember the first time putting the remote right near Patrick’s head so I can hear him breathing. It picked up every noise he made. Way back then there were no television remote so all you had was the other remote to listen to. So I had the remote strapped to my waist  and thought I better put it on my shoulder so I could hear it better. Well I started to hear Patrick make cute little “I’m starting to wake up now” noises which lasted about fifteen seconds. Then it was a full blown scream like a firehouse station siren right outside your window! Thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course, my dear sweet child needed to be fed and God forbid you didn’t have that bottle ready as he would continue that wonderful scream until you stuck that bottle in his mouth.  Ok, lessons learned, don’t put monitor right next to the baby (on a dresser will do fine) and certainly do not put the other monitor next to your ear. No wonder the kids today think I’m deaf. Thanks Patrick.

    One night before Patrick was born and we were getting the nursery ready, my husband Bill was putting together the crib and took out the monitor set as well. After putting the crib together, he decided to put the batteries in the monitor and see how they worked. Being a new dad he was anxious and story goes prayed quite a bit to be a good father. What happened next could only be described as miraculous as he turned on only one of the monitors and was about to turn the other monitor on when he heard this mans voice coming through. Being a bit freaked out as the other monitor wasn’t on, he heard this voice say “put your hands together like this, and pray with me." “Our Father who ark in heaven, that’s good - keep it like that,’ hallowed be thy name.” The Lords prayer continued to the end and then the voice said that everything will be great and that God loves us. Bill was by himself and looked around to see if this was on an episode of “Candid Camera” or something until he realized that it wasn’t.  I came home and he told me the story breathless. He was sure God was talking to him and that everything would be ok. 

I didn’t know what to make of the story until I asked my cousin who had the same monitor what she thought. She told me that the monitor picks up other monitors when  one is not on. I guess like a walkie talkie. I then realized we had a neighbor down a few houses that had a little boy and that it was probably him on the monitor.  To this day, we choose to believe it was God that faithful night who saw into the future to let us know - yes, everything will be alright. You just never know when God will talk to you. Are you listening?  Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.


  1. Hi there, my friend. Enjoyed your story...very cute. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God bless, Nancy-Jane (Greene) (Didn't really want to be anonymous..just didn't know how to do this :)

  2. Oh thank you my friend - glad you liked it and love "seeing" you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Big hugs and blessings!

  3. Great story Dina. God sure works in mysterious ways. Blessings to you and the family this Thanksgiving!!

  4. He sure does! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend :)