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Buyers….Where’s your manners?

You would think that after taking out so many buyers that I wouldn’t get shocked at the behavior of buyers and the people they bring along. Well, guess again. Oh the names have been changed to protect me!
I loved my buyer *Joan.  She and I got along so well and I truly looked forward taking her out as we laughed most of the time while trying to find a home.  One day Joan said she wanted to take her friend *Ted along because she “valued” his opinion. Ugh. What was I going to say. We met at the first property and we went into the house which I thought would be perfect for Joan.  Joan walked in and loved it. That is, until Ted said “No way - uh no, let’s go now.”  I looked over at Joan and she tried to convince him that it was a great house. Need-less-to-say, we left. That happened to the next four  listings we went to. I tried to talk to Joan “alone” in one of the listings and told her - “it’s your decision, not his, hello?” She said I was right and that she would not bring him the next time and could we go back to those other houses that she liked at another time. “OK, no problem.” 
We were at the last house where it was apparent that there was a college student going off to school and their mom (or dad) made some homemade cookies and brownies in baggies to take back. I didn’t think anything of it as Joan and I were upstairs checking out the bedrooms when Ted comes upstairs eating one of the brownies! I quickly said - “Um, that’s not yours to eat!” He said “oh, I thought they left that out for us!” I thought, when is this day going to end already. The instructions were to not lock the door on the way out so I went first to my car and Joan and Ted came out next. That is when I saw it. He had three empty bags in his hand! Ok, now what do I do. I made the decision to not say anything but smile and tell Joan I would see her tomorrow (alone, I mouthed.) Then I called  the agent of that house and said, “I am truly sorry that, not my buyer but her friend, ate some food at the house.” The other agent gasped and asked if I was joking. As it was the listing agents home! I told him I would make some brownies to bring back, for which he said, “no, I’ll just have my wife make more.” Again, lessons learned, not to leave anyone alone in a kitchen for you do not know where they are going to lurk! Thankfully, Joan did buy a home that she (and I) loved and I never had to see Ted again. Next blog - the eleventh hour - are we or aren’t we! Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time!


  1. Fiona Villate11/03/2010 10:57 AM

    I really don't know how you put up with some of these people...but knowing you as I do...I am sure you took it all in stride. Love that he ate ALL the brownies...

  2. Thank you my friend. Yes, he did and thankfully, the other agent was very nice about the whole incident!