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Positive thinking and yes, I was on Oprah and the show begins....(Part 2)

          The next morning we were having breakfast in the hotel where apparently famous movie stars have been and of course, I couldn’t eat a thing. Bill on the other hand, ate great. He wasn’t nervous at all. I did my makeup and met the other guests that were to appear on the show in lobby as we all got into the huge limousine off to the show. We were truly brought into a “green room.” I thought that was just a saying until I saw it for my own eyes, a green room. We were then seated after the audience had their seats and Bill and I were in the front row. I had the worst seat. I had my feet up on what seemed to be a speaker and was quite uncomfortable. Did I care? Heck no - I was on Oprah. Then the doors opened up and Oprah comes out to do a sound check. She checked the names of the guests that were on that day and she got to mine. She looked at me and said “you cut your hair?” I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about until I realized that she had the picture I sent into the show along with my “problem” on a blue card. I said “why yes I did - do you like it?” She smiled.  Then the show began and I swear to this day - it was like a blur. I tried so hard to be in the moment. Was I going to say something stupid or stutter? I better pay attention. 

         At this point Dr. Phil walks out and yes, he is extremely tall and intimidating. I look over to Bill and a sweat bead forms on his head and at that point I truly felt bad for what was in store for him. Then our segment came on. They showed the film of our “background” and why we were there. To be honest, it really did seem stupid.  Dr. Phil calmly looked at me and asked “is your husband a good man,  he good to you?” I was like, “yes, sir” and in that minute, I knew it was over. This was not going to be good for ME!  Dr. Phil went on how it was MY fault for not being more specific in what I wanted as a gift. That most men “aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed,” and why am I complaining. Bill instantly said - “yeah - what he said!” Oh great, when is this going to be over. As our segment ended and going to break, they started another film segment on the next couple. As the film was being shown ( a huge screen behind Oprah and Dr. Phil,) I could see Oprah staring at me and nodding. I met her gaze and nodded back seriously saying to myself “oh my gosh - Oprah is nodding at me and I am nodding back at her!) After the clip stopped she said to me, “I thought this could be related to what you are feeling - and I said, “you’re right,” smiled back and thought, what the heck is she talking about. I’m going to say no to Oprah? I don’t think so.  Of course when all was said and done and I actually watched the show, I then understood why she said that to me.  I was too in heaven at the time to “analysis” what she was saying.  

I truly believe in my heart, that positive thinking got me to that show. I do not believe in coincidences and this was such a desire in my heart that came true. Everyone has that power within. It might not happen tomorrow but I do believe I will get on the show again. So every time Oprah’s Favorite Things show comes on, Bill is quick to say - and all we got was a mug.  

I treasure this mug as it does remind me - God is good and dreams really do come true. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.

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