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Hey Facebook and Twitter Fans - For better or worse posts?

           Isn’t Facebook and Twitter great? Yes, they can be and sometimes they’re not.  Since being on Facebook, it has allowed me to connect with long lost friends and family that I haven’t spoken to in quite sometime. I have always wanted to try Twitter but didn’t get how to use it until recently.  What wonderful friends I have met through both. But let me address my FB family. Over the past couple of months, I have been praying on a new and positive venture for which I am sure I was looking for support from anyone! That support came from my FB family. I would just ask for people to send positive waves and prayers my way to help me see what I believe is the path that I want to take. I had posted on my FB page: 

              " Expect miracles and they really will happen. Just ask me. :)"

           Not thinking anything other than that is a true statement, I got several private messages asking for me to pray for them for a miracle. Not revealing what miracle they needed (nor did I ask,) was honored to do so. I wrote back all that messaged me with words of encouragement and not to give up. My family has had huge ups and downs this year but in the end - we choose to be positive and keep smiling (well, laughing if you know our family.)

You never know what you say as a “thought, or status, or feeling” is going affect someone.  I was driving home and turned the radio on to hear this quote and thought I would post it after my previous quote to kind of “piggy back” on what I meant. The quote is from Deuteronomy 31:8.  

8It is the LORD(N) who goes before you. He will be with you;(O) he will not leave you or forsake you.(P) Do not fear or be dismayed."

and again, was greeted with new private messages telling me that they needed to see that and it helped them in their own way. What a blessing to touch someone’s life in a positive matter.  

  Now for the flip side of social networking. The expectation of reuniting with friends (and family) sometimes doesn’t go the way you’d hope for.  I had that happen to me but after a while, shrugged it off to say, the people that know me and love me are present in my life and even those that don’t speak to me often,  mean the world to me. FB has a wonderful tool that you can “hide” the person who you are happy to reunite with but don’t want to see their negative quotes everyday. You hope that their lives get better and pray for happy quotes, but they don’t come.

It’s different on Twitter for which I am finding out. You really are involved and see people’s conversations (so to speak) what is on their “timeline.” You can do private messages as well, but most “chat” directly with friends by their Twitter name beginning with an @ sign.  With that said, lately I witnessed horrible fights and nasty bantering among people that I thought to be friends. In a way, you feel like you are prying on their conversation as it scrolls down the timeline. A wonderful friend I recently met had put on her blog what she believed to be etiquette rules of Twitter.  With her permission I’ve added the link.        

 What I thought would be a little blog turned into a sermon but felt in my heart had to be said.  Ton o’ blessings to you this joyous holiday season and hope big miracles to come your way.

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