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Positive thinking and yes, I was on Oprah.

                     You truly do not know the power you possess within you. I certainly did not know that eleven years ago. I had always said that I wanted to be on Oprah. Never believing I could get on Oprah but always wanted to. I would see myself on those ugly yellow chairs chatting with Oprah about whatever! I loved dreaming about being on the show. It was only a dream- right?

                 I had gone on her website as it was asking people to email a new guest (Dr. Phil) with any problems you might have for the good doctor and you can possibly get on the show. That was in 1998 when I emailed the show. At that time, there were quite a few things going on that were not good with my marriage. It was more cathartic than anything. I got so much off my chest and to be honest, totally forgot about that email. As God is good, the marriage got back on track as we moved from Missouri to Florida and the start of our new life began. Then in November of 2000, the phone rang and on the caller id it said “Harpo studios.”  I answered the phone thinking “no way, can’t be.” It was a producer from the show saying that they had read my email and that they thought we would be  great guests for Dr. Phil. I truly had no idea what she was talking about. I told her “great - and.... what again did I write?” She had said that she felt that Dr. Phil could help us get on the right track with our problems. Ewww - of course I could hear my mom say “don’t hang your dirty laundry out for people to see!” I quickly asked what the show was specially about and if I could narrow down “our problems” to the fact that I thought my husband was a bad gift giver.  She thought that would be perfect as it was to air around Christmas time. My husband (Bill) comes home and I said “honey buncher (as I call him that today as well) the Oprah show called and they want us on it.  Even typing that today makes me laugh. The absurdity of it. Bill quickly asked - “why?” I told him that it was going to be a “light and funny look” at gift giving (or the lack of!) He said ok as long as Dr. Phil doesn’t yell at him. (Um…..I thought to myself …he better yell at you - you’re the one who doesn’t put the whole thoughtful ideas together!!!) I said, “of course honey, he’ll yell at me!” Oh how those words got me back.

As soon as I gave the OK, film crews arrived within a couple of days to film at our home. We moved furniture around and taped the kids coming home from school and a nice family gathering around the table playing backgammon (which Bill hates because he never wins) but hey, it looked cozy.  A day or so after that we were off to Chicago and put up in the nicest hotel. I can say I was literally pinching myself the whole time saying, “holy crap - we’re going on Oprah!” Next blog - let the show begin. Ton o’ blessings to ya until next time.

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